What To Consider When Choosing A Cell Phone For Grandpa

The single greatest advancement in communications technology is the cellular telephone. Phones of today can now be used to have instant access to the best of the internet, and allow everyone to stay connected to what matters most. While a smartphone may seem like the best choice for everyone, they can be complicated for elders to use. Most cellular phone companies have a limited number of basic phone offerings, and most come with an expensive monthly service charge. Because of this, more people are seeking out providers who offer the following features for an affordable price.

One-Button Emergency Assistance

The most important reason to get a cell phone for grandpa or grandma is to give them quick access to emergency services. A cellular device that is designed exclusively for seniors has an SOS button that is easily accessible and will ensure emergency responders are on the way the moment disaster strikes. It’s one thing to have a phone for emergencies; it’s another to have a phone that makes contacting emergency services as easy and quick as possible.

Easy to Read Screen

Cellular telephones that are designed for seniors use large fonts and a minimal display design to make checking the status of a phone as easy as possible. Most smartphones are loaded with apps and other icons that can become overwhelming for seniors. Avoid this common problem by choosing a phone that is designed with ease of use in mind, and provides everything an elder may need at their fingertips.

Remote Warning System

It can be stressful to know a loved one is alone and may need help at a moments notice. Cellular devices designed for elders can send regular status updates to family members and alert them when the phone’s battery is low or when an emergency phone call has been placed. This provides elderly family members with their independence while allowing others to keep a watchful eye, no matter how far away they may be.

Technology can make caring for a loved one worry free. Empower an older loved one with independence by providing them with Snapfon cellular service. Not only will it allow them to talk to those who matter most, but have access to the emergency care they need when disaster strikes. Check out their site today to learn more, and see how affordable peace of mind should be.