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Different Approaches to Pest Control

As a homeowner, you know for a fact that pest control is necessary, but it sure is something you aren’t prepared or skilled enough to do on your own. As part of home maintenance, you need to put in the attention and time in pest control for the obvious reason that without it, many different kinds of pests will eventually infest your home or property.

Unlike in the past, pest control these days has evolved and now incorporates many different approaches and methods. And even though some of the methods we’re going to discuss below are pretty simple and straightforward, it still is strongly advised that you just let pest control companies handle your pest problem because they’re trained for this kind of job.

1 – Physical
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This is the most primitive and oldest form of handling pests. Pest control back in the day was predominantly about farmers finding ways to prevent rodents and insects from wreaking havoc in their crops and the most efficient solution they came up with was to put up and install physical barriers that would prevent and stop the pests from getting to their crops. Thin nets were first used, but crop owners and farmers eventually realized that they also could use glass and plastic sheets as alternative coverings for the crop beds.
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2 – Biological

The term implies that instead of using physical barriers, this pest control method will be utilizing living organisms to get rid, control, or kill the population of a particular type of pest. The most notable advantage of this method is that it doesn’t need the help of chemicals for it to be effective, and all throughout history, it has been used for controlling not just insects, mites, and mice, it also is proven in eliminating weeds and many kinds of plant diseases.

3 – Electronic Methods

But when it comes to smaller pest control coverage like when you’re dealing with roaches, mice, ants, or any pest in your home, electronic devices play a crucial role. If you don’t know it yet, there actually are so many different electronic devices designed to not just keep pests at bay but also to kill them. Some devices kill insects like mites, while others simply come with electromagnets to disrupt or disorient certain pests like ants, mice, and others.

4 – Special Treatment Options like Insecticides

In times when the pest infestation has come to a point that any other previous method we discussed are no longer feasible, pest control companies will eventually have to resort to using insecticides. Obviously, pest control companies are the only ones qualified to use chemicals in eliminating an infestation because chemicals in general can pose some serious risk to both man and animal.

5 – Natural Pest Control

The only time you can use natural repellents is when the problem of pest infestation isn’t there yet.