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Seated Wheelchair Exercises that are Healthy for Your Body

Many people believe that when you are in a wheelchair you are not capable of doing any exercise of which they are always wrong. When it comes to doing exercises, both a normal person and a person that is in a wheelchair they can both do exercise. When you are in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean that you can’t completely do all the exercises there are some exercises that you will be able to do. The discussion below is on the seated wheelchair exercises that will help you stay fit.

Here, we will realize that one will benefit when they have a manual wheelchair which will require them to move the wheelchair by themselves. A manual wheelchair is the one that you will have to do the wheeling with your own hands and by doing that, you will be doing an exercise when in your wheelchair. One should make an effort to be moving to a certain distance and by doing so you will have done enough exercise by the end of the day.

Some other seated wheelchair exercises that will help you stay fit is by bending on your sides. When you are seated in a wheelchair, it means that the lower part of your body is not strong enough to allow stand and therefore, you will have to the bendings when you are still seated on your wheelchair. To ensure that your body is fit, you will have to bend to all sides that is possible and then repeat the same process for some more minutes. To make sure that the upper part of your body is strong, one should be doing the bending continuously.

When you do exercises that help to keep fit to the upper part of the body, the blood might not flow quite well and now one should do knee lifting to ensure that also the lower part keeps feet. When lifting your knee, you will be required to control the other part of your body. You will not have to worry about anything the task will be so simple, you will have to lift you one leg at a time for some time and then continue with the same and by doing that, you will be allowing blood to circulate very well and you will also keep your body fit now.

In addition, strengthening your arm is also a seated wheelchair exercise that will help you stay fit. When you are seated on a wheelchair, you will be able to move your arms on different sides and by doing that, you will have made them fit. One will be required to take control of the upper part of the body when strengthening their body to ensure that they stay fit now.